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It seems a long time since we spent our last time together at Silverstone on our coaching day and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. So much so, we thought it would be prudent to update this website.


Who would have thought that in some eight weeks since our 2020 season preparation and coaching day at Silverstone, that the world would have been spun into chaos and the UK would see nationwide lockdowns. But it is what it is and yes, our 2020 season was scuttled like most sports and even with the C1 Club promoting events later in the year, we were happy to write off the season for another year. The good news is that all Bastards are fit and well, albeit a little gained lockdown lard may need to be shifted to get back into race suits.

And 2021

It would be fair to say that the cohesiveness of the team diluted over 2020 and with the 2021 calendar published, there was just not that enthusiasm as we entered 2021 with the third national lockdown. Our common interest was racing and as that was scuttled last year and this year looked a little iffy, we all went off and did our own things. Add the fact that there as an offer to buy our car, it was a simple decision to hang up our boots for a second consecutive season.

The Future

The simple answer is yes, we will be back but in what form, we cannot tell at the moment. Both the Chief Bastard and Phat Bastard have been in discussions and there will be some reincarnation at some point, but it’s too early to say at the moment. We’ll be keeping a close ear to the ground and following the C1 club in it’s new guise. Rest assured we will be back on circuit at some point, but at this moment it’s just too early to say where and when.
In the interim, this website will remain dormant and as soon as we have something to report, we’ll be straight back. Between now and then, things may seem a little outdated and hence you now know why.