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We'll be back, but all six Bastards have temporarily hung up their boots.
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Team Background

The Inglorious Bastards
From varing walks of life, all drivers predominantly met while racing in the 2011 Caterham Academy series, an entry level competition for novice drivers. Although some went their own way afterwards, all have stayed in touch and stayed friends. Some of the guys went on to compete in the Caterham RoadSport, TrackSport and SuperSport series, together with the FunCup and CSCC Magnificent Sevens. The accolade of Bastards came from a 2014 fortnight trip to Houston and Phoenix via Las Vegas to watch a little NASCAR. Jovial antics materialised, where provocative social media stories, photos and posts were responded with one word, “Bastards”. The name stuck as a term of endearment used between us good friends and peers. And for sure, they are inglorious!

Latest News

Cheeky Driver Coaching on the Silverstone GP Circuit

Drivers Patterson, Bucknell and Lewis took to the Silverstone GP circuit this cold and windy Saturday in preparation for this May’s race. With one of their Caterham drivers coaches on hand to point them in the right direction, all three saw performance increases throughout the day,

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Mat Lowe

Chief Bastard

Ashley Patterson

Right Little Bastard

Mark Lewis

Phat Bastard

Humphrey Bucknell

Spindly Bastard

Mark Cox

Major Bastard

Tim Abbott

Fast Bastard