Mark Lewis

Retired in 2017, he calls himself Aurigator, latin for ‘chariot racer’ or ‘race driver’. But we like to call him Phat Bastard as he’s the heaviest of the team, though all round cool dude. Trying to get down with the kids, you’ll likely spot him down Caffè Nero jostling for his Latte Frappé and paying with his iWatch Apple Pay.

Mark has raced in the Caterham Academy, RoadSport, TrackSport and SuperSport series along with the British FunCup and CSCC Magnificent Sevens series with various successes. Although never winning a race, Mark has achieved a number of podium finishes including his fondest race memory of Zandvoort 2013 within the Caterham TrackSport season. Mark explains:

“I was jostling around positions 3 and 4 for most of the race, race leader for a few laps early on. On the final lap and the penultimate corner, cars 1, 2 and 3 collided. Catapulted to race leader once more and exiting the final corner, the finish line was in sight. However in true Caterham racing, the two cars behind took a tow and in synchronised formation, broke left and right to pass, leaving a podium third. Bastards!”

Mark recalls driving his favourite road car as his 1974 Datsun 260Z as a young lad in the mid 80s. Other than motorsport, mark enjoys scuba diving both around the British coastline, exploring historic shipwrecks and further afield including the Japanese warship graveyard at Chuuk Lagoon.

His sponsors this year are Dorvics Cycles of Leighton Buzzard and the Manchester based Dive Life UK scuba centre. When asked what CDs he will be playing while racing, he answered ELO’s ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘My Life’ by Nelson Freitas and a montage of Barry White.

Mark 'Phat Bastard' Lewis