Miss Fire Back In The Workshop For Preparation

The steering wheel will move the wheel about 1.5” closer to the driver

The sweltering heat of the Snetterton race last week had the drivers asking for some modifications to the car, including a drinks system for rehydration and air ventilation. The SPY Motorsport guys are on the case making said modifications, including the addition of bungees for the quicker release of harness, repositioning of the lap timer, new steering wheel and of course, installation of lights for the night sessions of the 24 hour races.

New tyres are on order, in addition to eight new rims. Preparation also includes driver accommodation and logistic planning for rest and sleeping during the race. Peter Young of SPY Motorsport says:

"We can put our awning up on the truck to have more space. If you had camp beds, then we may be able to make an area over for sleeping but this is only on the basis of us getting the space we want. We have to remember that once a driver is racing in his stint, after 30 minutes, the next driver needs to be there ready. Obviously, if the car was to come in with a driver issue such as illness tiredness, the replacement driver needs to be ready to go."