Snetterton 300 Race Review

Miss Fire requires only a small manicure.

After an eight week break since Pembrey, it was nice to see the Bastards enjoying themselves again on the Snetterton 300 circuit. Race spectators would have witnessed the largest grid ever seen at Snetterton, some 53 cars as guest driver Tim Abbott joined Lowe and Cox for this four hour race.

Unfortunately our roving reporter was not on the scene during the weekend, though driver Cox summed it all up in once sentence:

"Not testing hurt us a little as we started P32 with 53 cars on the grid and finished 18th, but another solid result and only one slight ‘rub’ to speak of."

Mark Cox

Our next race will be at Rockingham on the 1st and 2nd September were Lowe, Lewis, Cox, Bucknell and Patterson join forces for the second 24 hour race of the 2018 C1 race calendar.