The Bastards Return To Pembrey In June

Pembrey is the home of Welsh Motorsport.

The countdown is on for the Bastards’ first race of the 2019 season. Building on the P8 performance of 2018, drivers Lowe, Lewis, Cox and Bucknell will sure to be on top form.

With a brand new car taking a little longer to build and diary clashes earlier in the calendar, this will be the first time on the grid this year.


Returning to his motherland, Lewis hopes to round a few of the clan for support.

There are two races, each of 6 hours in duration with one race Saturday and one Sunday of the long weekend.

If you fancy coming to Wales to offer support, be aware that access to the inner paddock of the circuit is across the circuit itself and hence between races. A timetable will be published when available.

Final Pembrey Result
Final Pembrey Result. Could that have been a P5 though?