The Bastard Name Update

After qualification at Rockingham last month, we needed to go to Parc Fermé. The pit lane marshal comes to tell us of some misdemeanours in that we need our #332 number fixed to the windscreen. This had to be removed the week prior to affix the sponsor visor and was on the pre-race checklist. We were reprimanded for not displaying the scrutineering ticket and then advised of “inappropriate wording”, being chastised by the Clerk of the Course. We had to remove the http://iBastards.UK website addresses from the sides of the car, the message delivered by a gesticulating pit lane marshall.
From the commentary too, there was a little frivolity in the use of the team name which mandated we wanted to receive guidance from the C1 Racing Club on the team name and advertising display.

Self Ridiculing Collective Noun

Our team name is not set out to offend, but reference a long time self ridiculing collective noun. It is a fun name, stuck as a term of endearment and used between us good friends and peers with no derogatory intent. A name cited as “creative” by race commentary, but we appreciate there maybe some who may not see funny side of our banter.

Good News

The good news is that both British Automobile Racing Club BARC and the C1 Racing Club have no issue with the team name. Both we and the organisers appreciate we may get challenged again, but we should not have to edit letters or remove the name completely. This is most welcomed as race suits can now be ordered. In confirmation from the C1 Race Club:

"I've discussed this with BARC and they or we see no reason why you can't use the name. This does not mean that you will not be questioned by well-meaning individuals in the future, you will have to accept that this is the price for using such a name. I would suggest that under no circumstances should you remove any of your graphics if asked by a marshal, tell them you have permission from the organisers and BARC. If the individual chooses to escalate it to the CoC then get us involved to help sort it out."