Rockingham Test Day Proved Dividends

Both Mark Cox and Mat Lowe were encouraged with today’s performance. There were a lot of cars on track in practice for both the 24 hour and 3 hour races. Driving standards were acceptable all-in-all but one misdemeanour at Tarzan did invoke a red flag to recover Mr Cox who corralled into the kitty litter due to the car in front traversing the racing line in a Benny Hill fashion. As novices to endurance racing, Lowe wanted to drive a full two hours in one session. Commenting, Lowe explained:

“It took me less than two hours to get to Rockingham in my leather clad and air conditioned BMW this morning. This C1 is certainly not as comfortable but jolly good fun. I just love the way we can steer with the throttle. It’s as if the steering wheel input points you in the right direction, but it’s the throttle control that caresses you around the corner. Two hours in the seat did’t seem that long in the end, I guess a combination of concentration and excitement.”

Mat Lowe
Both drivers are now rested this evening and taken an early night as it’s an early start for qualification tomorrow. Breakfast is an early 06.00am start for drivers briefing and scrutineering. Qualification is at 09.35am and racing starts at 12.15pm for the Citroen C1 Challenge (Group 2). You can watch live via TSL Timing.