Final Preparations As Our First Race Looms Closer

With the first round at Rockingham this weekend, final preparations are in full swing.

New Colours

There are still a few enhancements to make.
#MissFire is pretty much good to go and ready for scruitineering.
At our last outing, colours and sponsors were discussed, including car wrap and team race suits. Red, blue and black were the consensus. Designs have been submitted to FreeM, though mandated final tweaks will dictate the suits will not be ready for this week. That said, Peter at SPY has done a cracking job on the wrap, including a fluorescent blue which comes alive under light in dark conditions. Peter comments:

"With so many cars on the grid in the base red colour, something had to change. The idea of the fluorescent blue was a great idea, specially for the night phases of the 24 hour races. We will use the colour to differentiate the pit board too."

Timetable Announced

The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) has this week released. Available for download from the BARC portal in .PDF format. We will be in Group 2 for the 3 hour race, commencing at 15.15pm with qualification at 08.15am on Saturday. Drivers this weekend are Mat Lowe and Mark Cox and in support will be Ashley Patterson and Mark Lewis.

Free Tickets

We have two spare competitor entry tickets for the Saturday and Sunday. Although we will be racing the Saturday only, the 24 hour race will cover the whole weekend and we’ll be hanging around for into the night. For tickets, friends of team members should get in contact direct on a first come, first served basis.