DiveLife Manchester Scuba Diving Centre

Scuba diving has increased in popularity these past years, with any address in the UK being no more than two hours to the sea. The underwater world offers a plethora of diver experiences from diving with the seals at Lundy or the Farne Islands or visiting the underwater graveyard of the German High Seas Fleet from WWI as scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919. With over 40,000 shipwrecks to research, your exploration can start right here at DiveLife Manchester.

Our Story

Over the past 12 years DiveLife Manchester has grown to become the UK’s most comprehensive Dive Centre. Together with stocking diving products from many of the mainstream manufacturers, we also procure from some of the more specialist brands and types of equipment needed for special interest and technical diving. Equipment is available to hire from basic mask, snorkel, cameras, scooters and pretty much everything you can take underwater. We service all the main manufacturers’ equipment as well as test cylinders and provide repairs on wetsuits and drysuits.

The DiveLife Manchester Team

All our staff are experienced divers or instructors and the onsite staff have over forty years experience diving and teaching to all levels from diving novice through technical rebreathers. our staff include male and female instructors from all walks of life, accredited to the major training agencies of PADI, SSI and RAID, together with a lively club atmosphere. Our staff have completed manufacturer service courses for all the major brands, and combine advice and experience from their decades of experience.

Try Dive

This introduction is designed to exhibit the technology and ease of Open Circuit diving, in a pool or in a confined water environment with pool-like conditions. To be conducted by one of our Instructors or Divemasters, your introduction will be in a low-stress environment. After determining you have basic swimming skills, your instructor will demonstrate the required skills for you to swim underwater, whilst breathing on open circuit scuba. This is not a certification programme. However you can follow on and start your Scuba Diver or Open Water 20 course.

"For great advice, a wealth of knowledge, the best gear in town and some of the best training in the country, get across to DiveLife. Pop in for a chat and let's go diving!"