Bastards Resign Entry From Croft 5H Race

It is with regret that the two Bastards of Lowe and Lewis have resigned themselves and #MissFire from the Croft 5H race this weekend. Logistics were already complicated with the Sunday race being announced in the timetable a few months back.

When entering the Croft race earlier in the year, the Bastards had anticipated that the race would be a Saturday like all other races this year. However, with a Sunday race ending at 6.00pm, it would be a long haul back south.

With the Spa 24H just two weeks in away, any mishap could jeopardise the Belgium race.

"That wasn’t the real issue for me, but the late announcement of the Sunday race meant I had to cancel other engagements. We already planned to be at the circuit Friday for testing but would have to hang around all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I would have to be away from work and home for four days."

"Neither Mat or I have been to Croft before and we anticipated a test day on the Friday. When I couldn’t see any testing on the Croft website and the C1 Club advising no testing had been booked just two weeks prior, we did think of just turning up for qualification!"

The final nail was put in the coffin when it was suggested that with just two weeks to Spa, should the car incur any mechanical fault or collision damage, that could jeopardise the Belgium race. Lowe concludes:

"All things considered, the time away, no testing, hanging around and worry for Spa, it seems logical to resign. Even though there is horse racing at Catterick on Saturday that could waste some hours, the cards were seemingly stacking against us. We wish all other drivers good luck in the race and will see you at Spa!"