An Exciting 2019 Season Ahead For The Bastards

Some may argue premature as we still await the outcome of the insurance claim post Spa, but the Bastards are excited to learn of the circuits to be raced next year. The good thing is that there is still time to build or acquire a car for 2019 and we can still diary these dates. However, there is still debate as to whether the team will enter Spa again next year?
Things didn't go to plan at Spa and we still do not have a car for 2019.

The issue from 2018 was that to enter Spa, any team needed to “support the C1 Club” in all UK races. That is indeed what the team did and what was to be the crescendo of the racing calendar ended in catastrophe.

So maybe a different approach for 2019, especially as a race challenge has been launched in Portugal, together with having a sister series in Belgium and the Citybug series in The Netherlands.

"Not duplication, but there are some conflicts with some rounds and like last year, some rounds which are too close to one and another. We will have to select rounds carefully. I know Cox fancies Spa again and the RoR. Lewis has expressed an interest in Anneau du Rhin and he'll probably put his hat into the ring for Zandvoort too. Me? Well Brands is my local circuit, so I'm happy to peddle around on my own if need be for a couple of hours! Though Magny Cours looks an interesting circuit, which will be a virginal baptism of fire."

Mat Lowe